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José de Piérola at “Writers From the South” in Austin

October 28, 2016—José de Piérola spoke at the “Writers From the South” event organized by the Department of Spanish at the University of Texas, Austin. Writers Gisela Heffes, Sergio Chejfec and Rodrigo Hasbun also spoke about the experience of being a South American writer living in the USA and writing about their countries of origin. Following their remarks, the event continued with a round table in which students and faculty had a chance to participate.

José de Piérola, Gisela Heffes and Rodrigo Hasbun

“II Summit of Writing Programs of the Americas”

October 20, 2016—José de Piérola organized “II Summit of Writing Programs of the Americas.” This historical event was the second meeting of new programs in the Americas to consolidate the RedPEA (Red de Programas de Escrituras de las Américas). The first summit was held in Bogotá, Colombia, in 2015. In addition to work sessions for the members of RedPEA, the summit also offered free round tables and writing workshops open to the El Paso—Ciudad Juarez—Las Cruces community. The summit brought to El Paso writers and poets from the USA and Latin America.

Alvaro Bisama, Víctor Viviescas, Magela Badouin, Blanca Herrera, Carlos Lutteral, Luz Stella Angarita,Adriana Rodriguez, José de Piérola, Ana Abatte, Javier Zagarna, Lila Zemborain, and Ana Merino

ABOUT José de Piérola

José de Piérola is the author of Máquina del tiempo (2015), Pishtaco Slayer (2011), Un beso del infierno (2010), Summa caligramática (2009), Sur y Norte (2008), El camino de regreso (2007), Shatranj: El juego de los reyes (2005). He has translated into Spanish L’Etranger by Albert Camus (2016) and The Art of Fiction by Walter Besant and Henry James (2007). His novel Un beso del infierno won the Short Novel Prize awarded by the Reserve Bank of Peru, his short story “In the Belly of the Night” won the Max Aub International Short Story Award in Spain, and his short story “Lápices” won the Short Story Biennial awarded by Copé in Peru. His fiction has been anthologized in Peru, Mexico, Spain, France and USA. He earned a Ph.D. in Literature at the University of California, San Diego. His work revolves around issues of displacement, immigration and political violence, but he is also interested in the construction of the self and cultural misunderstanding. His current work in progress includes a novel set at the end of the eighteenth century in the Peruvian Andes, and Minding Fiction, a critical study about the representation of the mind in fiction.

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